Design principles and a paper prototype – the lesson learned

We are proud to present our first (paper) prototype:

This pictures are animated, please be patient while loading 😉

On the left SCENARIO1: Painting   On the right SCENARIO2: Rating

After a long discussion we got them, our Design Principles:

  • Interactive -> for easy guidance without reading long manuals
  • Colorfull -> to attract lots of people
  • Exibition -> good rating systim for motivation and artistic purpose
  • Intuitiv -> guiding userinterface / simple / self explaining / easy readable
  • Attractive -> in your face colors / motion / beautifull writings
  • Fun to use -> Multiplayer / Rating system / easy to use / lot of sharing options and lot of drawing options

The lesson learned…
Design improvements:

  • Show the Buttons in the start screen all the time in front of the shadow
  • Highlight the shadows hand
  • back button on the rating screens so the user can return to the start screen and start drawing
  • improved color chosing drop down menu
  • nicer color bucket

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