Think! Think Aloud!

This time we took testing our our latest development to a new level. After setting up our big “public display” with a help of a beamer, we switched on our latest prototype and invited 2 guys to test it, think aloud while doing it and give us some feedback and opinions on it. The whole experiment worked really good and we got some very interesting new ideas and upgrade conclusions. Here is how it looked like and what the results are:

Short description of the task:
The task was split into two parts: First the user had to draw a painting with two different colors. No information about interfacing the program or instructions were given. Secondly, the user had to rate his picture.
Additionally the user was asked to express his thoughts.

Tester 1: Hans

Basic information:
–   TU student (economy engineering)
–   24 years old
–   male

Mayor issues [severity rating 0 to 5]: 

I.     the color selection was hard to find [4]
II.    the used button font was hard to read [2]
III.   no help function was available [4]
IV.    the left buttons were hard to reach [4]
V.     the stars for the ranking were hard to reach [4]

Solution for the issues:
I. using another icon would be helpful to identify the color selection, e.g. sample board
II. a standard font could be used to improve readability
III. A help button could be added in the left corner to show an additional screen describing the functions. Alternatively a short video could be used to describe the functionality
IV. Using a smaller area of the Kinect workspace would make the buttons more reachable and would also solve the problems concerning user operation near the edges
V. Use solution IV as reference

Tester 1: Peter

Basic information:
–   TU student (economy engineering)
–   23 years old
–   male

Mayor issues [severity rating 0 to 5]:
I. Pen was not selectable [0]
II. The color selection was hard to reach [0]
III. The brush-tool was misunderstood as a color selection because of the color of the icon [3]
IV. The rating could not be corrected [2]

Solution for the issues:
I. This is no real problem. Feature was just implemented in the prototype
II. Also not a real problem. Could have been avoided by stepping forward. (Alternatively see solution IV from Hans)
III. Using the same colors for all painting tools
IV. Adding an undo button would solve the problem

Both tests gave us some really good feedback, showed us some new issues and made us to find solutions to it.


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