There is a story to tell…

and those storyboards speak for themselfs:

It was interview time…

In order to get the most valuable Information from our potential users we have prepared following questions for our interviews:

MPI Interview Fragen [Public Display PimpMyWall]

  • Sich selbst vorstellen…
  • Stört es dich, wenn wir das Gespräch aufzeichnen?
  • Wie heißt du?
  • Wie alt bist du?
  • Wo wohnst du?
  • Gehst du zur Schule? Auf welche?
  • Wo verbringst du deine Freizeit (nach der Schule)?
  • Wie verbringst du deine Freizeit (Hobbies)?
  • Für was verwendest du den Computer?
  • Auch zum spielen?
  • Hast du Erfahrung mit Spielekonsolen wie Wii und Xbox 360 mit Kinect?
  • Betätigst du dich gern kreativ (Bildbearbeitung)?
  • Was ist dir das letzte Mal, als du durch die Fußgängerzone gelaufen bist, aufgefallen?
  • Was denkst du über die großen digitalen Werbeanzeigen die hier überall hängen?
  • Wie würdest du die verbessern?
  • Wofür würdest du die benutzen?
  • Stell dir vor es würde keine Werbung angezeigt und du könntest live damit interagieren, was würdest du tun?
  • à Idee erläutern…
  • Würde dir sowas auffallen?
  • Würdest du sowas verwenden?
  • à Storyboard zeigen…
  • à Featureliste erläutern…
  • Was würdest du ändern, was gefällt dir daran?
  • Vielen Dank.

– Graffiti painting with different colours
– rating system
– slideshow based on rating system
– internet platform where the paintings are presented
– coop mode

Say “hello” to Mahir Ivan Li Millersan…

…our “persona” and a typical user our app is being addressed to.

Some facts about Mahir Ivan Li Millersan:
• 16 Years old, lives in Berlin – Friedrichshain, in a 3.5 room flat, together with his parents (Father Anton, 55, car-mechanic, mother Arina, 46, shop assistant) and his older sister (Natasha, 22, secondary school diploma, discontinued education as a kindergarten teacher, currently working as a waitress/bartender in “Berghain” Club).
• attends high school
• speaks German, some basic English and fluent Swahili
• his main means of transportation are buses and subway, walks about 5km a day
• his goals for the future: passing the secondary school examinations, working in the export/import industry
• interests and hobbies: computer, video games, drawing, painting, kickboxing, paintball, technology gadgets, party with friends.

Let us proudly introduce…

…the PimpMyWall Public Display App.

Our choice for the topic of this MPI Project is a painting application called “PimpMyWall” for a public display equipped with Kinect device located in a pedestrian zone.

The aim of our application is to provide a tool which would allow young people to express themselves through digital graffiti.

Our application shall convince the users of the advantages of digital art as alternative to conventional, often annoying, graffitis.

The work can be signed by each artist and will be presented in a slide show gallery. Moreover, pedestrians will have the opportunity to rate individual images from this gallery.
The created graffitis will be also accessible from the Internet.

Our list of potential functionalities:

– Graffiti painting with different colours
– Rating system
– Slide show based on rating system
– Internet platform where the paintings are presented
– Coop mode